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Contact JoJo - Webmistress of Chicks For Chicks

If you have problems with your profile or your subscription please contact the helpdesk from the link on the menu above. For other queries you can contact us by the email address below or by WhatsApp messenger.

I do not do personal introductions, you mus create a profile and contact members through the website.

Snail Mail Address

  • Box 1126
    New Brunswick
    Canada E6J 1R4

WhatsApp Messages:

  • +1 (506) 784 7337

Please call between 9am and 9pm AT.
With-held or blocked numbers not answered.
I do not do phone sex, I will put the phone down on people who try.

By Email

You can contact me by email at [email protected]

Contact jojo your chicks for chicks host